sweet_corn_ditali_pastaThis dish was the one I was admittedly most skeptical about.  In fact, I grabbed a 5-pack of bratwurst as a back-up plan.  To my surprise, it was actually quite delicious.  The corn added a cool texture to the pasta I hadn’t experienced before.  Every once in awhile I’d take a big bite of the pasta and cringe when I bit into something hard – which to my relief was the sweet corn.  I never would have ordered something with an ingredient list like this, but it was kind of cool to taste something totally of my radar and actually enjoy it.  Here’s a list of ingredients and kitchen tools we used when preparing:


Salt & Pepper Olive Oil  Medium Pot
Pan Garlic Press Strainer
Knife/Cutting Board Measuring Cups  Measuring Spoons

Like I said, the meal was great, especially for someone who eats meat for literally every meal.  Here’s my overall review:

Sweet Corn Ditali Pasta

Sweet Corn Ditali Pasta

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