The Masala-spiced chicken was another dish I would enjoy by myself – and enjoy it I did!  In fact, since making it, I’ve made it three more times because I liked it so much.  While collecting the ingredients to make my own masala blend I was able to answer one of the questions I hear the most:  is it less expensive to use Blue Apron or just to go get the ingredients yourself?  Well, at our local grocery store, collecting all the ingredients cost me about $36. HOWEVER, $22 specifically went to purchasing the varying spices that make up the Masala.  So it cost me about $4 more to make it myself, but I’m sure you could get a comparable value from Costco.  And now I have at least a 6-month supply of Masala!  The masala-spiced chicken was my favorite dish of all so far, I hope you enjoy it too.


One thing worth noting: during the step in which you add the garlic, ginger and masala to the pan, it seems like you’re burning it and something is going wrong.  That is not the case – not in the beginning, at least.  It feels unnatural, although cooking is somewhat unnatural to me overall, but have faith and let the smoky scent come through.  I had to fight my urges to add the tomato sauce too soon, but I’m glad I stayed the course.


This was my absolute favorite dish so far, I can’t get enough of it. I try to encourage all my family and friends to try Blue Apron, it’s been incredibly convenient and surprisingly delicious. What’s nice about it is you can get a discount the first time you try it out. I’ve included a link below that will get you $30 off your first box – so if you do try it, make sure to take advantage of the discount.

Masala-Spiced Chicken with Kale & Lime Rice

Masala-Spiced Chicken with Kale & Lime Rice

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        • Unique smoky masala flavor
        • Healthy, tasty kale side
        • Great food chemistry


        • Chicken took longer to prepare