Cod en Papillote | Blue Apron

Today’s dish is Cod en Papillote, which translates from French to “Cod in Parchment Paper”.  I’m guessing the parchment paper is what locks in the flavor – and we’ll know in a few minutes!  Lying atop a bed of garlic spinach and cracked freekeh, the cod is basically seasoned with salt and pepper.  Right before you pop it in the oven you add a good amount of butter as well.  Here are the timing stats.

Suggested Prep time: 15 mins (Actual: 33 mins)

Suggested Cook time: 10-12 mins (Actual: 11 mins)

Granted, the prep time could be completely my fault.  But since Blue Apron is supposed to cater to people of all skill sets, I’d say their estimate is quite a bit off.

If you’re going to cook this dish, it would be good to have these additional kitchen tools on hand:

Small Pot Cutting board Grater/Zester
Garlic Press Chef Knives Small Bowl
Medium/large pan Mixing Spoon Strainer

Here’s our review! Don’t forget to check out pictures of our dish on Page 2.

Cod en Papillote

Cod en Papillote

Prep Time Accuracy


    Cook Time Accuracy


      How does it taste?



        • Nice texture on the filets


        • Subtle overall flavor