Blue Apron Pricing

A common question about home meal delivery services is whether they’re cost-effective or not.  With Blue Apron pricing, will you actually save you more money, or is it just as expensive as eating out?   Of course, the answer is it depends.

According to The Simple Dollar, the average take-out meal costs about $13 per person.  The two-person, three-meal plan from Blue Apron calculates out to $9.99 per person, per meal.  The family meal feeds four people and whether you choose two or four meals per week, the family plan will run you $8.74 per meal.  You may find Blue Apron’s Pricing to be relatively reasonable, here’s how it breaks down.

Pricing Per Meal

Blue Apron offers two separate meal plans, depending on your needs and family size. Blue Apron pricing option that’s most common is the two-person plan. When you sign up for this plan, you’ll get enough ingredients to make three separate meals, each with two large servings.  The weekly expense comes to $59.94 and when you calculate this out, the pricing per meal comes to $9.99.

If you have a larger family to feed Blue Apron offers even better pricing options.  The family meal plans feed four and you have the option to either get two or four meals per week.  If you get two meals per week, your weekly expense will be $69.92 – bringing the average price per meal down to $8.74.  Four meals will run the same price per meal, for a grand total of $139.84 per week.  Here’s a quick look at the pricing breakdown:

Cost Per Month

What’s the cost per month for Blue Apron and does it fit into my budget? We break down the Blue Apron pricing per month, so you can see exactly what you can expect to pay on a monthly basis.  If you make sure to use all of your ingredients each week, you should find that buying groceries becomes less expensive too.  Here’s how the cost per month breaks down based on which plan you use.

Cost of Blue Apron couples plan (2 Meals per week) – $59.94 x 4 weeks = $239.76 per month

Cost of Blue Apron Family plan (2 Meals per week) – $69.92 x 4 weeks = $279.68 per month

Cost of Blue Apron Family plan (4 Meals per week) – $139.48 x 4 weeks = $559.36 per month

Blue Apron Comparison

Blue Apron’s home delivery service is a good option if you’re looking for easy, tasty and new meals to make without the hassle of buying ingredients you’ll only use once. In comparison, Blue Apron pricing is amongst the lowest per-month while still providing some truly tasty meals for an overall enjoyable experience. For more information, look at our Blue Apron Reviews to see exactly how long meals took, and ultimately how the final prepared meal looked compared to their recipe sheet. We even do a comparison of Blue Apron vs. Plated that you may find helpful in your research. Still curious about how Blue Apron pricing stacks up against its competitors? Get an idea of how it compares below.


Two-Person Plan
  • 3 meals for 2 at $11.50 each
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Two-Person Plan
  • 3 Seasonly-inspired meals for 2
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