Blue Apron vs. Plated

So far I’ve had nothing but good things to say about Blue Apron.  Their customer service is very helpful and their meals are absolutely delicious.  But the time has come for us to try out Plated.  Plus, both Plated and Blue Apron offer coupons, which means we get this week’s meals for a discount.  So here we are, comparing the service, selection options and taste profiles of Blue Apron vs. Plated.

A few things stood out to me as I signed up and proceeded to order our first meal.  The first thing was the selection dietary options provide by Plated.  Here’s a look at the side-by-side setup of the taste profiles for both (Blue Apron, left).  The only difference I noticed was that with Plated you could choose that you like vegetarian food as well, without opting in for a full-blown vegetarian menu.  However, even with my selection of beef, fish and shellfish on Blue Apron, we still received fully-vegetarian meals.

Blue Apron vs. Plated Menu Options

At first, the menus seemed relatively similar – both have delicious looking food, and give you 6 or so (this week Plated shows 7) options to choose from.  The cost of Plated is slightly higher at $72/week (vs. Blue Apron’s $60/week) for two people.  One thing that I’ve noticed with Blue Apron is that as you choose some dishes on your weekly menu, others become deactivated so you can no longer select them, which can be a bummer.  I’ll include an image of that so you can see what I mean.  What’s cool about Plated is that not only do they have the handful of weekly menus, they include what’s called an Encore Menu selection.  The Encore menu features the most popular and top-rated dishes, and there seems to be a new menu available each month.  For this month, the Encore Menu was somewhat similar to the normal menu, but that could be becuase I just barely signed up or perhaps becuase it’s the beginning of a new year.  I’ll update this article with more information as my personal experience illuminates the nature of it more.  Check our four examples of the menus from both Blue Apron and Plated.


As you can see, when I selected the Spaghetti and the Cauliflower & Kale Salad the Enchiladas, Burgers and Samosas were blocked as options


I have yet to try the Plated dishes, but I’m certainly looking forward to giving them a shot.  As a reminder, I had no issues with Blue Apron’s meals, but the recent and suprising missed deliveries prompted me to try something new.  I will say that, comparing the above images, I’m more excited to try the spaghetti dish I see on the Plated menu than the option Blue Apron offered.  I’ll be sure to report back with the results!

Update: How Our First Plated Dish Compared to Blue Apron

Today we tried our first dish from Plated.  It was the Cajun-Dusted Salmon we talk about on our latest post. Overall, the quality of the food was great – just like Blue Apron’s.  When comparing the other aspects of the service, there were only a few things that differentiated the two in terms of meal delivery and prep.  First, Plated packages their meals in three small packages that includes all the ingredients need for each dish.  No searching through the box to round up the ingredients mentioned on the Recipe Card.  I also noticed that not only did the produce come in its original packaging, but it looked like they had been hand-placed insidea freezer bag as well.  Maybe not the best packaging for those concerned about conserving waste and going green.  The third observation was that the servings ended up being a bit smaller than I’m used to with Blue Apron.  Every Blue Apron serving has been quite filling and although I do eat more, I could easily eat a single serving and be satisfied.  That wasn’t quite the same story for this Plated dish. The servings were both a bit small, featuring what looked like was maybe a 4-ounce salmon filet and small side of collard greens.  It was definitely delicious, but I would have like about twice as much of both the entreé and sides.  I’d say that filets I’ve had from Blue Apron in the past are probably about 25-50% bigger.  Still, I’m not disheartened by our experience so far.  I look forward to seeing how the next meal turns out!


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